Rivers Academy Student Advisement

Resource for students and parents as they navigate the middle and high school years.

9th Grade

  • Take challenging courses
  • Get involved in school activities
  • Participate in community service opportunities
  • Begin studying for the PSAT
  • Study and do your best in all courses
  • Begin a high school brag book, keeping track of all activities, awards and community service projects
  • Meet with a College Planning professional
  • Sign up for an account with gafutures.org
  • Recover any failed credits online during the summer
Female student in classroom with her classmates
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10th Grade

  • Register with collegeboard.org and www.act.org
  • Register with NCAA.org
  • Plan to take the PSAT in the spring
  • Start collecting college information from schools that interest you
  • Review the admission requirements from those selected schools
  • Continue involvement in extracurricular activities and service projects
  • Start thinking about different degree options and courses you will need
  • If you need tutoring for the SAT and/or ACT, late spring and summer is a great time.
  • Continue adding items to your brag journal
  • Recover any failed credits online during the summer

11th Grade

  • Continue to take challenging course work
  • Register for the SAT/and or the ACT- you should plan to take each test once in order to decide which test you are better suited to take.
  • Take the National PSAT/NMSQT- National Merit
  • Meet with counselor to make sure you are on track to graduate
  • Make sure you have completed Health and PE
  • If you qualify, join the Rivers chapter of National Honors Society
  • Volunteer for activities in areas that interest you
  • Narrow down college choices and plan official visits
  • Investigate scholarship opportunities
  • Attend local college fairs
  • Add to brag journal
  • Continue to keep grades up and complete any failed coursework over the summer
Two high school students in classroom
Gradationing students

12th Grade

  • Continue taking the SAT/ACT
  • Register with parchment.com to send transcripts to college choices
  • Begin the college application process- checking college websites for deadlines and requirements
  • Begin the financial aid process by completing the FASFA form online- Check out scholarships opportunities at school of choice
  • Ask teachers and school counselors for recommendations at least three weeks in advance

Important SAT Dates

2024 Registration Deadlines:

February 23rd, April 19th, May 16th

2024 Late Registration Deadlines & Deadline For Changes:

February 27th, April 23rd, May 16th

2024 Test Dates:

March 9th, May 4th, June 1st

School Type: 5th-12th Grade

School CEEB Code: 110081

Registration Links for SAT

Registration Links for ACT


  • PSAT given in the Spring for 9th and 10th graders  - The PSAT gives you an opportunity to understand the standardized test experience.


  • National Merit Scholar given in the fall of 11th grade-Scores are used by scholarship programs, including the National Merit® Scholarship Program, to look for eligible students.