94% of 2021 graduates were elgible for the HOPE Scholorship.

54% of 2021 graduates were elgible for the Zell Miller Scholarship.


College Prep

Our staff and rigorous academics ensure that all Rivers students are well prepared to be successful at the college level. We provide our students and their families with advice and assistance on course selection, standardized testing, and every step of the college application process.

Our Approach


Rivers Academy graduates become members of our active Alumni Association, a nationwide network of intelligent and talented young adults pursuing their passions. We follow the endeavors and accomplishments of our alumni with pride!


Rivers Academy graduates attend the most prestigious colleges and universities in the nation, pursuing excellence in academics as well as their chosen passions. Our alumni have been accepted at such institutions as Yale University, Stanford University, Colombia University, U.S. Naval Academy, University of Georgia, and U.S. Air Force Academy to name a few.

Rivers Academy Graduates have been accepted to their top choice colleges and Universities.

Airforce Academy

Arizona State Univ.

Art Institute of Atlanta

Auburn Univ.

Baylor Univ.

Belmont Univ.

Berry College

Boston Univ.

Clemson Univ.

Colombia Univ.

College of Charleston

Davidson College

East Tennessee State Univ.

Eckerd College

Emory Univ.

Florida State Univ.

Furman Univ.

George Washington Univ.

Georgia Inst. Of Technology

Georgia Perimeter College

Georgia Southern Univ.

Georgia State Univ.

High Point Univ.

Ithaca College

James Madison Univ.

Kennesaw State Univ.

Liberty Univ.

Louisiana State Univ.

Mercer Univ.

Middle Georgia College

Mississippi State Univ.

New York Univ.

North Carolina State Univ.

Purdue Univ.

Penn State Univ.

Sanford Univ.

Texas A&M

Tulane Univ.

Naval Academy

Univ. of Alabama

Univ. of Arizona

Univ. of Florida

Univ. of Georgia

Univ. of Kentucky

Univ. of Miami

Univ. of Michigan

Univ. of North Georgia

Univ. of South Carolina

Univ. of Texas, Austin

Univ. of Tampa

Univ. of Utah

Univ. of West Georgia

Univ. of Wyoming

Vassar College

Villanova Univ.

Virginia Tech

Washington Univ., St. Louis

Western Carolina Univ.